Trust, respect, & kinks

I try to insert my own thoughts into my blog, even if it is possibly not as often as I should.  Since I began embracing the erotica-author side of myself, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world.

I have met, mostly through Twitter, women (fellow authors) who are from a variety of sexual
lifestyles.  I have met monogamous women, I have met women who are single and enjoy casual sex, I have met women who are in polyamorous relationships, women who enjoy BDSM, women who are dominants, women who are submissives.  I have heard stories of dog collars, of spankings, of masters. I have heard about fetishes.  I have heard so many first hand accounts of lifestyles that until now made me blush slightly.

These women are just like me, and do not fill the pre-conceived notion I had of the ‘type of woman’ who would ‘be into that’… some of these women are the loveliest, sweetest, most intelligent women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  During all my discussions, there has been one constant, ONE factor which has been the same for all of them, regardless of what gets them off, regardless of the configuration of their relationship, regardless of the type of their relationship. Continue reading