‘You’re married to a woman but you’re not a lesbian?’

I have just finished writing the latest story in the  Georgia & Zoe series (Georgia: Exposed), and in the story (amongst other far sexier things) Zoe introduces Georgia to her family.  Grandma’s reaction goes something like this:

“So you’re a lesbian now darling?” Zoe’s grandma, Ida, asked and Zoe laughed quietly.
“No grandma, I’m not a lesbian, but I am very much in love with this beautiful woman,” Zoe said proudly.
“I don’t understand how you can be in love with a woman and not be a lesbian, but I am very happy to hear you are in love,” Zoe’s grandma responded, smiling softly at both of them.

I guess you could say this particular part of the story is based on personal experience, because it is a conversation I have had many times, as has my wonderful wife.  I am a woman who is VERY happily married to another woman, and have absolutely zero desire to be with another person as long as I live (except perhaps in my fantasies, but that is a whole other blog post!).

We must be lesbians, right?


I am not a lesbian, my wife (L) is not a lesbian.
We are women who are in love with each other, but no, we don’t identify as being lesbians. Continue reading