Crazy little thing called consent

To say this past weekend was an eye-opener would be putting it mildly.

In the words of Ricky Baker…flat800x800075t

(those of you who’ve seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople will get the reference)

Friday night was the Halloween disco at school.  The kids were all super excited about it and were more than happy with their ‘oh fuck we have no money, here wear strips of bed sheet you little mummy you, and here, have some smudgey dirty looking make up and horizontal stripes of masking tape around your top and pants, you little escaped convict you’ costumes.

A boy asked G to go with her.  She was pretty excited and nervous.  It was equal parts cute and equal parts scary.  I know the boy, I like him, and his dad is a cop… I also knew they’d get to the disco and probably stand on opposite sides of the room all night. Continue reading